Fedex, An International Express Shipping Company

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Federal Express, or now known as FedEx, is an international express shipping company that ships anything from envelopes and small packages to large freight. It was the brain child of college student Fredrick Smith, when in 1965 at Yale a professor assigned the class to invent an industry. At that time the only option companies had was to utilized passenger routes to ship packages, which was not very efficient for time sensitive deliveries. Six years later after Smith left the military he bought a small company and experienced how difficult it was to get supplies delivered within a couple of days. Remembering the paper he had written in college, Smith founded Federal Express in 1973. Starting with 14 small planes today it has grown into the world’s largest al-cargo air fleet.
By 1980 FedEx was way ahead of the competition and the company was growing by 40 percent per year with 1 billion in revenue. Through many international acquisitions and mergers they have grown internationally and now delivery to over 220 countries. As the demand for express freight shipments increased so did the need to ship and receive documents overnight. The overnight letter service was introduced by FedEx in 1981 and is now a part of standard business practices for most companies in America and the world. Many companies have multiple overnight deliveries and pickups throughout the day. FedEx saw the future potential of overnight letter, package and freight deliveries and started to…

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