Feminism, The Advocacy Of Women 's Rights On The Ground Of The Equality

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Feminism is a series of chronological movements and ideologies aimed at altering the patriarchal system to be equalitarian, so women can uphold the same opportunities and rights as men. Feminism, by definition, is ‘the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes’ (, 2015). Therefore, feminism is still relevant within Western society because there is still significant evidence that shows women are still not yet equal with men. Thus, this essay will focus on the corporate and political world and how they are conspicuous examples of feminism still being applicable. This essay will acknowledge the history of feminism and how it has helped reach the level of equality in which western society is at now, but it will also suggest that there is more improvement that must be done; hence, the gender pay gap, misconstrued understandings of feminism, and the domineering view of females being assets and not leaders.

The definition of feminism has been misconstrued and stamped with negative connotations. Bell Hooks, 2000 essentially suggests that generally people’s ideas of feminism has been a “third-hand,” in which people are ill-informed about the topic. The stereotypes and negative implications towards feminism is essentially all they know. For instance, in 1968 the day before the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City, feminist women performed a symbolic rejection of all feminine accouterments as part of the women’s liberation protest

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