Fiber Cable, Tools, And Test Equipment

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Fiber-Optic Cable, Tools, and Test Equipment The following Fiber-Optic Cable, Tools, and Test Equipment are purchased and used for this project: • Tripp light multi-mode micron cable for networks. This will cost around $260.00 for 1,00ft. Therefore the total for the project would be $260.00. • Next a cable IQ advanced IT kit with SC connectors is required. The Cable IQ Advanced IT Kit is designed to maximize the efficiency of any cable qualification job. Use the included Intelli-Tone 200 Probe to find cables quickly and definitively, even on active networks. The total cost of this is $2,274.00. Price can range depending on the brand. However, the recommended one in this case is Fluke Network cable IQ kit. Which costs $2,274.00. • I would also recommend the purchase of fiber optic installation tool kit. These will cost around $607.00 for a kit. They have multiple choices at Fiber-Optic Design Considerations The following considerations should be made about the fiber optics design: • First how much data will need to be transferred at the moment? • Second how much data will need to be transferred in the upcoming days? • Third is what device will provide appropriate transmission distance? Basement Server Complex Design The following details are of the basement design: • Contains total of nine rooms. • 1 storage room • 2 server rooms • 1 Telecommunications room • 1 LAN management room • 1 LAN/WAN maintenance room • 1 IT chief office • 1 CIO office • Reception area

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