Film Editing And The Advancement Of Digital Technology

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In today’s world, film has made use of the advancement of digital technology to help with editing. Innovations in film technology has without a doubt shaped the film industry into what is it today. This has given filmmakers great advantages from cameras to sound recording devices, to editing. Because of this technology everything has gone digital making it not only easier to access, easier to edit with (computers, software etc.), but it also makes it more affordable.
Film Editing is the art of assembling shots or multiple images into sequences. The editor or editors are usually given a pile of all the footage shot in the course of a day or several. This pile contains various shots that are called raw footage. Raw footage just means there is unedited shots that has had nothing done to it yet and its ready to be used. The task of the editor/editors are to create an overall finished film by combining and selecting these different shots and placing them into an organized sequence of events. Every single time there is a change from one image to another is called an edit. The art of filmmaking and editing has been around for decade’s. For example, the world’s first films that were produced were in black and white (Film History). But, even to make a black and white film, several inventions were required. These inventions not only needed to be able to record videos but to also store them.
The basic rules of film editing were first established in the silent era, which was also known

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