Film Review of John Q

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Film Review: John Q Current Issues in Behavioral Health John Q is a film that addresses the highly controversial topic of health care; maximizing its focus on whether or not the quality of life is truly impacted by the quality of health care. Although this film was first released in 2002, the issue of quality health care seems to be more prominent today that it ever previously was. With the new health care system pending implementation, many individuals in today’s society wonder whether or not they will receive the health care they require. If so, will the health coverage they receive be enough to sustain a sufficient quality of living. The film John Q follows the story of the protagonist, John Q. Archibald in his fight against the…show more content…
Simply put, people cannot get treated for a condition they do not know they have because they could not afford to seek medical attention. Furthermore, lack of health coverage impacts a person’s quality of life because health coverage does not cover all types of conditions. As seen in the film John Q. the family had health coverage, but not enough to cover certain conditions. Therefore, they had to go to extraordinary lengths to get their needs met. If other people have the same issues, you can expect to see overall health decline rapidly. With the current news circling health care recently, we may see a drastic change in the way people receive healthcare. President Obama has recently announced, and started to implement a new healthcare system: Obama Care. Under Obama Care, essentially more people will be receiving health care, because it will become more affordable. Given the continuously struggling economy, this will give people the opportunity to receive preventative care, as well as treatment for pre existing conditions. The new program seeks to give people the chance to maintain a good quality of life even if they would otherwise have financial difficulty doing so. With the implementation of the new health care system, we may start to see people maintaining a better quality of life. Health coverage will be cheaper therefore many more people will be able to have it. Considering health
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