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Subject CT9: Business awareness Online Course

Pre-course assignment of 7 exercises

There are seven exercises within this workbook which you must complete. You must also complete the declaration on Page 1 of this assignment and then upload the workbook at IAI website under your member login

You need to submit the completed assignment by 17th May 2013 under your IAI Member login.

Any assignment which is not submitted will not be eligible for the exam and you will have to apply to take the exam again. You may commence your work on these exercises at any time before the start of, or during, the 10 day business game period.



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They earn money for specific transactions when…funds are moved or switched from one portfolio to another, or by ways of termination charges, or charges on early termination.

What factors have been changing the levels of profits companies can gain from specific types of products or segments of the market?
Profit margins are being squeezed by…changes in economic scenarios, bad experience than expected, market downfall, wrong investment choices, more supply than demand, recession, etc.

Overall sales volumes are being affected by…miss selling of products, new competitor entrants in market, lack of approach and selling skills, not understanding customers needs, bad customer service, market crashes, bad past performances, introducing complicated products that are difficult to understand or explain, delay in launching the proposed product at the right time.

What external factors are now having an impact on customer needs and how do companies serve these needs? What will change in the future?

Various external factors related to different stages of life, seasonal, social, technological, economic and political factors and general awareness of these could impact customer needs. These needs can be met by focusing on customer needs and making products that could help in fulfilling potential needs of the customer. Also
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