Finding The Underlying Conflict Sam

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The director may have used this portion of the movie to establish the underlying conflict Sam is being questioned about. The court system consistently states that Lucy will surpass his IQ by her next birthday. The judge claims that due to his “low intelligence,” Sam will not be able to take care of Lucy as well as someone with a higher mental age. Although this is the court’s assumption, does this make Sam any less capable of raising Lucy?
Mindsets such as Henry Goddard, author of the Kallikak Family Study and translator of Binet’s original IQ test, mimic the thought process similar to the court system in the film. Goddard states that the, “fixed character of mental levels” was the reason why some people were poor and unemployed. The fault …show more content…

This response is the exact situation society should be avoiding. In this sense, the characters have realistic attributes, but caricatured portrayals to hook the viewer and keep continuous interest. However, I deeply question if this method is how cinema should educate society. Are these filmmakers setting a stage for stereotypes and jokes that should not be laugh matters?
In I Am Sam, Samuel Dawson is fun-loving, extroverted, and detail-minded. He favors routine and shows consistency in his love for others. When he’s not dressed in his Starbucks uniform, he is generally found wearing a neutral- colored polo and jacket. Sam is presented as a persistent and determined father who cares for anyone present in his life. His actions of love are displayed in big events such as his fight for custody for his daughter as well as smaller scaled tasks like his delicacy in organizing the sugar packets at his workplace.
Throughout the duration of the film, Sam encounters individuals who positively grow due to their interactions with him. Characters such as Rita, enter his life with harsh attitudes and hostile commentary. In Michelle Pfeiffer’s opening scene, she’s found cutting off her son and therapist in a fury full of tears. She appears to be cold- hearted and a hard professional shell to crack. Remarkably, her time spent with Sam begins to mold her personality. While learning

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