Fingerprint Identification and Verification Systems

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What is A Fingerprint? What is Fingerprint Recognition? There are mainly two systems using fingerprints as a biometric: Fingerprint identification system (FIS) and fingerprint verification system (FVS) Fingerprint identification system (FIS) vs fingerprint verification system (FVS) The algorithms that are used to recognize fingerprints are the pattern-matching method and minutia methods . pattern-matching method : Pattern-matching method verifies the identity of the patterns by directly comparing the objective fingerprint images with the registered image.[ 1] Graphical center of fingerprint image (not necessarily defined by the fingerprint core) is cropped a fixed distance and compressed for subsequent match. The greater the difference between the stored template and the live comparison, the less likely the match. minutia method: Minutia method uses feature information of the terminal points and separate points of ridges of the fingerprint and their relative positions. [ 1 ] this algorithm is capable of improves the quality of the fingerprint ridge and Extracts the characteristic points(end point ,Branching point) from it . Comparison of previous fingerprint Recognition algorithms:[2] Template Size vs. Search and Match Speed: The size of a minutia template is directly related to the number of minutia extracted. The size of the pattern-based template is directly related to the image On average,
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