Fingerprint Scanners for School Libraries

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Finger print scanners for school libraries Introduction A finger print is unique for each individual. Using finger prints when students are borrowing books from the library will ensure that a student does not use a fake name, and this will reduce the number of books the library losses. The finger print scanner will be connected to the school's library system, and will automatically populate the fields once the student's finger print is read. The finger print scanner will serve as a fundamental tool for the librarian and will reduce their verification work. In case, a student's finger print has not been recorded, the librarian can easily capture the student's records, and since the scanner is linked to the school's system registration is a very easy step. The market There are many security companies that have implemented biometric scanners, but majority of these systems are used to allow access to a secure building. Biometric systems are widely been adopted in many places. The systems are used to verify a person when they are entering secure buildings or places. Using biometrics for identity verification reduces the chances of unauthorized access ADDIN EN.CITE Shen19995(Shen & Tan, 1999)5517Shen, WeichengTan, TieniuAutomated Biometrics-Based Personal IdentificationProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of AmericaProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America11065-1106696201999National Academy of
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