Fisher And Ury: Summary

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In Getting To Yes, the authors Fisher and Ury provide the reader with four values, which can help you, make your negotiation ticktacks more effective. The authors justify why its importance to have a wise and efficient agreement, since both parties positions are taken into account. The goal of this book is to provide the reader with a method of reaching a respectable agreement, and advance the negotiating parties relationship. A commonly used term I noticed in the text is positional bargaining, which Fisher and Ury describe as both parties opening their own position on the issue. They go into detail explaining that positional bargaining doesn’t lead to positive outcomes in the long run, since it tends to neglect some parties interests. The…show more content…
Since people normally become hard headed on their sides position, causing them to take responses to their issues as personal attacks. That’s why “separating the people from the issues” helps the two sides come to an agreement without damaging their relationship. They identify the three types of people problems. The first type is differences on perception among the parties, because most conflicts are based on opposing facts it’s important that both sides understand the other’s point of view. The second cause is emotions, in long frustrating negotiations individuals often react with anger or fear when their position is endanger. In order to deal with this each side needs to acknowledge the opposing sides emotions, ignoring the other sides feelings could cause the situation to be worse. Communication is the final source of people’s problems, since most of the time parties could be listening to one another or planning out the response. Employing active listening is an example on how to fix this problem, by providing the individual your full attention and providing brief summarizes of what’s been discussed. The most effective way of dealing with people problems is to prevent them from happening. This is because once they arise the relationship between the two groups starts to dissolve. These problems are less likely to occur if the parties actively think about the three people problems and how to over come
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