Food Choices Of College Life And Time Affect Eating Habits

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The purpose of my paper is to study the motivations in food choices of college students to see how college life and time affect eating habits. Students often must balance busy lives and have limited income, so money and time often are critical when deciding what to eat. The main concepts of my research question have to do with what causes people to eat healthily or unhealthily. The point is to try to understand what influences people’s eating habits, primarily how social class and time influence eating habits. Healthy food is often much more expensive than unhealthy alternatives. Social inequality affects many different aspects of people’s lives. I am trying to figure out to what extent social inequality and time affect the eating habits …show more content…

This work also examines the disparities in food access in low-income communities. More specifically to college students, studies have shown a gender difference in food choices. One study of college students revealed that males are less likely to pay attention to food labels and are less interested in their food decisions compared to females (Levi, Chan, and Pence 2006). Male students are less likely to think about food and eating, while female students view it as a constant thought process. There are many theories linking male’s non-interest in food decisions to ideologies of masculinity. There is often an association with dieting to being feminine. Since male students are less likely to respond to food knowledge education, some other strategies offered by the author were to remove availability of unhealthy food, reduce cost of healthier food, and offer samples of healthy food (Levi, Chan, and Pence 2006). When people think about college students’ eating habits, one common thought is Freshman. There is a widespread belief that due to poor eating habits, college students often gain weight during their first year of college. A recent study, however, found that first-year female college students’ calorie intake actually decreased for most of the participants, but that physical activity decreased as well for those who gained weight and stayed the same for those who lost weight (Jung, Bray, and Ginis 2008). From this

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