Ford Motor Company : Model Of Capital Structure And Common Stock Share Setup

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Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford and continues to be controlled by the Ford family through its special form of capital structure and common stock share setup. What started with a single vehicle model the "Model T" has now developed into a company that provides many product offerings ranging from small cars such as the Ford Fiesta to large heavy duty trucks like the Ford F350. Ford established a vast dealer network and utilizes its dealer base for distribution and sales of all their vehicles with the exception of special fleet sale arrangements that are handled directly by Ford 's commercial fleet sales department. This document will review the market position of Ford Motor Company by the method of a SWOT analysis and a review…show more content…
Market Segment Profiles FORD Motor Company profile offers a comprehensive analysis for the organization, it is business segments, and competitors. It used to analyze the business and marketing strategies adopted by the company, and to gain a competitive edge in the market industry. This profile also evaluates the strengths of the company and the opportunities present in the market. It is also involves analysis of the company at three levels - segments, organizational structure and ownership composition. Beside this, both business and geographic segments are analyzed along with their recent financial performance. It further discusses the major subsidiaries of the company and the recent merger & acquisitions. Most of the consumer for FORD Motor Company may choose our product because the organization has the needs of the consumers. Evaluate Relevant Market Segment The FORD organization is selling FORD FEISTA for a reasonable price. It is because this product has the necessary that are good for the consumers such as save fuel. This product is increasing the sale potential for the company. It also determines the market industry that the Ford Motor Company is segment to the right position for the product that the consumers are likely to buy this automobile for their daily use. Target Markets FORD Motor Company designed as the new model FORD FIESTA is target to young people and ladies. The young people that the organization focuses on

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