Four Products case study Essay

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Four Products Case
Question 1. Which of the four products are you most optimistic about in terms of likely success? Why?
Answer: I really like two ideas presented in the case: Stave Jigsaw Puzzle and Polytrack. Both are dealing with big money and luxury; while one is aimed to please, impress and entertain real “big wallets” owners, the other seems to be a real innovative breakthrough in equestrian sport.
Stave Puzzle attracts me with a perfect match of the target market – rich fine people who “relish the opportunity to spend great quantities of money and time on aggravation” – and the product technology and features – tiny hand-made mahogany pieces, full of creatively shaped, gorgeous and expensive looking. It differs from an average
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It also gets strong PR from the most competent people – trainers and horse owners. Basing on this good start, Polytrack became able to expand and to perform at the American market, and it was already another story. And I do not see any obstacles for Polytrack’s further successful expansion.

Question 2: Which are you most pessimistic about? Why?
Answer: Speaking about the products I’m most pessimistic about I’d mention PB Slices first; I hardly believe in a commercial success of a collapsible biking wheel, too. But in both cases I see the ways for improvement. I will explain my point in succession and start from PB Slices.
Basically, there are many good examples of market success of the ideas built up on people’s total laziness assumption: remote control, fast-food, automatic dishwasher and washing machine, baby diapers, automatic gear transmission… They all came up at the right time and were able to improve people’s lives by a) saving time and b) doing things better than their time-consuming predecessors. I do not think that PB Slices can be described in the same terms.
First, it is time-saving, convenient and does not require knife usage. But is it such a big deal to spend 20 more seconds and to make a normal sandwich, to put a knife into a sink and to wash it later with all the dishes? I doubt that. Second, the slices look very thin – and many peanut butter lovers claim that they prefer a good thick sandwich. And third,
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