Free Healthcare

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In the United States there is over 32 million people without health insurance, there are

over 101,000 preventable deaths per year due to no health insurance or healthcare. There

should be free healthcare to ever U.S. Citizen, this may mean high taxes, or even a flat tax but

no one should pay out of pocket for medical bills. To break down the U.S. healthcare system,

50% is paid by the patients employer, 33% is paid by the government, less than 15% is paid

"out of pocket", and less then 2% is paid by an insurance company.

Healthcare in the U.S. should be free to ever U.S. citizen. In the United States we have

to pay for some sort of healthcare, unless we want to pay an outrageous price out of our own

pocket. If we had free healthcare …show more content…


everyone's taxes would effect a lot of people's income, family, etc,... The U.S. Government

would have to make a flat tax throughout the country instead of rich people paying less, and

middle class paying the most. This would better our medical profession and professionals, and

allow no one to be left out of the system. Now a lot of this may sound impossible to do, but

many other countries have free healthcare to everyone. Many countries such as Canada,

Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, and 7 others have universal/free healthcare.

Healthcare shouldn't be free, is what a lot of people still believe. Many people believe

people would abuse the free healthcare act, and that there would be a waiting list to be

medically treated. If we created a flat tax throughout the classes then the poor may not pay,

which means middle class and rich taxes would have to increase.

I believe healthcare should be free to ever U.S. Citizen. There are between 47-60 million

people who are uninsured and have to pay for their own medical bills. There are hundreds of

thousands of deaths that could be easily preventable if we just had free healthcare. People in

prison get free healthcare, shouldn't

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