Free The Mind By Phie Ambo

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Our mental health is just as essential as our physical health. When our body is damaged, we seek treatment and more often than not the road to recovery is straightforward. When our brain becomes damaged however, the answer to treatment is not always clear and what may work for one person isn’t guaranteed to work for the next. Advancements in scientific research have forged a new path for possible methods of treatment, though we are still left not fully understanding why our brains react the way they do. Free the Mind by Phie Ambo follows Dr. Richard Davidson, Emma Seppald and a handful of their research patients, as well as a young boy named Will. In the film, Davidson expresses that he believes meditation could play a key role in improving the mental health in both veterans suffering from PTSD and children facing disorders like ADHD. Phie Ambo’s film Free the Mind (2012) persuades the viewer to choose meditation for the improvement of mental health by providing emotional triggers and scientific research.
To start, the film ‘teases’ its potential viewers by first introducing them to Will, a young boy with ADHD. The curiosity over Will is sparked quickly when we learn of his fear of elevators, which came to be after an incident when he became stuck in one. We are pushed to sympathize with him as the camera zooms in close on his face, watching him cry in terror shortly after being asked to take a ride in one of his school’s elevators. The fear he experiences is relatable as

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