From Viewers And Cohorts. After, Klas Identifies Key Insights

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from viewers and cohorts. After, KLAS identifies key insights from interviews. Afterward, KLAS make the decisions manufactured from the analysis and publish for public review. The next header provides tools and resources such as industry reports, performance reviews, insight, and analysis. Kent, Leonard, Adam, and Scott (KLAS) partners with healthcare professionals to provide “unlimited access to peer review and scores for hundreds of products and vendors” (KLAS). At the end of the page is the KLAS blog that encourages active involvement from viewers to chat about the specific healthcare related topics. For example, one blog that grabbed Ms. News’s interest is the blog topic titled To Hire by Character First. The blog shares the …show more content…

All our reports are available to health professionals who are willing to share their experience with KLAS. One article Ms. New finds helpful to the course study, and final research essay is the report titled Healthcare IT Investor Update 2017 Q1. Also, KLAS gives viewers a sneak peek of upcoming reports. Each report contains the following core features: Easy to digest information Key findings from in-depth peer interviews Advice & insights from actual healthcare professionals Most recent reports. (KLAS) INSIGHT AND ANALYSIS SERVICES The Kent, Leonard, Adam, and Scotts (KLAS’) Analysis & Insight team can work directly with health organizations to accelerate healthcare providers’ decision process. KLAS’ sole mission is “to help provide organizations with transparency through research so that health professionals can make sound decisions quickly” (KLAS). KLAS ratings and reports base on broad trends across all customers. Most IT solutions require some compromises for different stakeholder groups. KLAS INVESTOR SERVICES The Kent, Leonard, Adam and Scotts (KLAS’) investment services team evaluates the current success of healthcare technology and services companies along with projected future success through the KLAS Fingerprint. The tool is a result of years of research by our KLAS analysts around which key factors drive provider success and vendor retention. As a part their investor services, KLAS

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