From a Dream to Reality Essay

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From a Dream to Reality

When I decided to go back to school my objective was not only to increase my knowledge and receive a degree, but I decided that the only profession for me to pursue would be to earn a degree in teaching. Not because a business or computer degree would be out of my grasp, I can learn anything necessary to do a job, but because by earning a degree in teaching I would be able to fulfill a dream of mine that I had held since my own days in school. I want to be able to help children reach for the dreams in their lives. That is the reason that I have begun this program of study, to fulfill my life ambitions of becoming a teacher so that I can help inspire children to reach for their dreams that they are holding. Even
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In this area we have many single parent households where the mother is the only adult role model for the child. As a male teacher it will be my responsibility to also be a positive role model for those children because they deserve the opportunity to learn and grow up with all their dreams ahead of them. Whether they come from a single or dual parent home the children will be able to talk to their parent(s) and me to develop their skills and overcome obstacles in their life so that they can learn as much as they possible can to achieve at any endeavors that are ahead of them.

To be successful at this myself, I will have to use several different philosophies in my teaching skills. Behaviorism is an important part of anyone’s teaching philosophy because if the children are being noisy or are not respecting one another it will interfere with everyone’s capabilities of learning. I don’t want them to stop asking questions or expressing themselves because that is part of the learning process too, but I will help them understand the right and wrong ways of sharing their ideas.

Progressivism will also be a big part of my teaching practices in which I will allow the students to have fun while they are learning. The different types of games that are available for classroom use will be essential in helping to develop the processes of the mind that are necessary to go forward in the learning experience. Students
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