Frontier War Research Paper

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The frontier wars in Australia (1788-1934) were considered as a series of a conflict waged between the European settlers and the Indigenous Australians which lasted for a span of 146 years.However,the British colonisation in various locations of Australia has created the population of Aborigines in jeopardy by capturing their land and heritage.As a result of the violent massacre, the indigenous fatalities has reached significantly to a great extend ranged between20,000and 30,00(challenge magazine).There is an ongoing debate in Australia about the frontier war that whether it was cosidered as a morally justifiable war or not.Some people believe that Australia has a uniquely peaceful history of settlement.Although,for the last 20 years,a new wave of historians,such as Henry Reynold argued that Aborginals…show more content…
He argued that almost 30,0000 indigenouspeople died during the conflicts.Nevertheless, the present era viewed the history as a peaceful settlement thereby by obileterates the blood -soaked history of those aborginies who fought for their land and tradition.. He stated that the first war happened in Tasnmania where soldiers and military forces were used to attack the aborginies with guns, who killed 250 settler in the throes and the death- toll of aboriginies reached approximately to 1000 .Hence this war to be officially termed as Black War in the documents of British.(Reynolds, 2013).Another warfarethat he mentioned is the battle of Pjnjarra(1830) in Western Australia, where an army of 25 settlers slaughtered 30-40 aboriginals while arresting a convict who speared a settler. .Another bitter and brutal violence that he aruded is the conflict in Queensland, where the settlers occoupied the land and the Native Police Force killed more than 24,000
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