Functional Family Therapy

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Suppose I am working for a community mental health agency, and I have assigned cases about 14-16 year- old male adolescents with conduct disorder. I have been asked by my director of clinical training to answer one question: “What family treatment modes have been found to be effective for treating this population?” In order to answer this question, I did some research online and found several appropriate articles. Thus, I will use those researches to illustrate this question in this paper. In addition, I will talk about three effective family treatment modes which including brief strategic family therapy (BSFT), multisystemic therapy (MST), and functional family therapy (FFT).
First of all, brief strategic family therapy is one of effective
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Researchers at Indian University and Oregon Research Institute conduct a randomized study to test the effectiveness of functional family therapy (FFT) in a community juvenile justice (Sexton & Turner, 2010). Specifically, researchers measure youth risk and protective factors on behavioral outcomes and therapists’ adherence. Researchers use FFT as a main intervention because it is a comprising and evidence-based intervention. In addition, this intervention has created record of studies that show its effectiveness with adolescent-related problems in different settings such as community. Researchers randomly selected 917 families and adolescents who had been sentenced to probation and adjudicated for a crime, and they divided participants into two groups: control and FFT group. After collecting data and doing analysis, researchers found that FFT was efficient in decreasing young people’s behavioral problems only when the counselors adhered to the treatment model. Additionally, researchers found that “the high adherent FFT counselors had significantly lower recidivism rates than the low adherence FFT therapist” (Sexton & Turner, 2010, p.
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