Functionalist View Of Slavery Essay

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Examining slavery from a functionalist point of view, the functionalist perspective would be that slavery is needed in agriculture and will benefit food businesses by keeping the cost of food down, with the slave owner still able to make a profit. This is of course only one example of a certain type of slavery, since slavery can be used for in agriculture. By keeping the cost of food down the businesses that are buying the foods worked by slaves are not having to pay as much, therefore their profits are higher and they are able to pay their employees more. Another way that slavery is needed in agriculture is in most countries families will sell their children in order for the family to survive. Being able to sell their children to slavery not only benefits the individual buying them, but also now the family has stability with the money from selling the child.

Next we’re going to look at the caste system from a conflict theory point of view would view
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If you drove an expensive car and wore high dollar clothes you would be considered high in the class system. It also says a lot about one’s social class when it comes to where you live as well. If you live in a run down part of town you’re usually viewed as lower class regardless of your actual income or upbringing. Another example would be to consider the jewelry that you wear, such as if, say, you wore a Rolex watch everyday. You would be considered higher in the class system since a Rolex watch is quite expensive and is considered a symbol of both class and status. Depending on where you went to college, education level could determine your rank in the class system. If you went to Harvard or Yale you would be viewed as being in a higher class, because you received a higher class education compared to someone who graduated from a community
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