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Functions of HR

BUS 226: Intro to Personnel Administration

The Functions of HR

When going to work for a new company, you are given a job analysis or job description, to let you know what is expected from the job once the position is held. Here is where you learn about the compensation, training, and performance needs that the job requires. By giving this to potential new hires this allows them to know what needs to be done to keep the job and perform it properly. We will discuss the job analysis of a childcare teacher and what needs to be addressed in order to keep this position filled with qualified talent. Job Analysis Caring for children can be stressful and overwhelming at times. As a childcare teacher, you must …show more content…

In case of any situations, you need to have a positive discipline, the center that I work at uses redirection. Redirection is where you talk to all parties and discusses what happened and what we could have done differently, instead of sending a child to time out or to the corner; we will redirect them to another activity. Maintaining program administration is keeping parents informed of expectations of the program, activities, the child’s progress and any incidents or accidents that may have occurred during the day. One way to maintain the program is by having a daily schedule in each classroom. Having a daily schedule with allow the teacher, parent, and child know what is going on throughout the day. There will be a time for snack and lunch, recess, math, science, reading, writing, circle time, potty training, etc. Children do better when they have a schedule to follow, having a schedule means that the classroom is not chaos the entire day. Performing other duties may be filing paperwork, cleaning dirty diapers, and moping the floor, anything besides teaching but still keeping the children in a safe and clean environment to learn in.

Training “When pursuing employment this population can face significant challenges, including: limited education, academic skills and/or work experience; poor motivation for employment, and/or lack confidence in skills and abilities; limited understanding of what is

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