Gender And Gender Roles

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As a child I never really knew much about gender roles and stereotypes, I just went with it. As I grew older I was forced to face reality and deal with the gender roles and stereotypes. I wasn’t a masculine kid and always had feminine features and attributes. I never liked playing rough, I didn’t like to get in trouble or cuss. This resulted in me being teased and called gay in elementary school. I had to fake a persona in order to not be bullied and teased everyday. The bullying and teasing came from the viewing of stereotypes at a young age in my peers homes life. For girls it’s the opposite, if they enjoy playing rough, getting in trouble or cursing they’re called tomboys. From a young age as well it’s evident that we’re given these…show more content…
In a newer example, The Simpsons Marge is the wife to Homer Simpson and she follows is a stay at home wife. Marge follows what Homer says to her is and follows the typical gender roles that are assigned to them. According to the National Center for Health Statistics in a chart that shows the Provisional number of marriages and marriage rate in the United States in 2014 it shows that there were 813,862 divorces and annulments. If a women decides to be submissive, quit her job, not get an education after high school what is she supposed to do after a divorce? She’s going to be stuck having to step up, provide for her family and take care of her children's needs, rapidly adapting to this change will be hard for them. They would have to juggle taking care of the home, paying all of the bills, and taking care of her kids needs and extra curricular activities. As a child I wasn’t exposed to the stereotypical gender roles due to that I grew up with my mother being the financial provider and my father being the emotional provider. This was beneficial to me because it didn’t allow these typical stereotypes to develop within my own personal beliefs. I grew up viewing women as powerful goddess which never allowed me to believe
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