Gender Based Dress Codes

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Gender, something of which cannot be controlled, is a prime factor in the bias of school system based dress codes. Gender, which used to be considered synonymous with sex, is the state of being male or female. It is typically used in reference to social and cultural differences, which ultimately creates gender roles. Gender roles are a set of societal norms that dictate the type of behaviors which are considered acceptable based off a person's gender. Clothing coincides with how males and females are supposed to dress. Unfortunately, gender does affects how dress codes are applied in today’s school systems, and because of gender roles, “...women are held to a particular standard of dress standards that are appropriate for students in general”…show more content…
Author Aliya Hoyt explains a statement from an interview saying, "This is all done under the guise of helping students create a safe space for learning where they can focus on education," Emily says, adding, "But the outcome is that women's bodies are policed in ways that men's bodies are not (Hoyt).¨ What the dress code does to those of the female gender is forces them to confide to a standard of what the schools believe that a woman should look like. The school system defines what they believe is appropriate for a young woman, and female students are unable to stretch out beyond this standard of confirmation. Girls are being punished for something they cannot control, suffering daily due to the system. Even in states where the temperatures are blazing hot in states like Arizona and California, girls must abide but rules concerning their shorts and sleeves. Article Girls Fight Back Against Gender Bias In School Dress Code states that “She shared the story of one of her schoolmates who was “dress coded” for wearing a skirt that fell a couple of centimeters above her fingertips when holding her arms by her sides. The student was sent to the office where repeated calls to her home went unanswered. After a two-hour wait, the student went home, too embarrassed to return to her last period class” (Today). Students are not only missing out on opportunities to learn, but are embarrassed of being dress coded. Girl should not have to face the obvious bias that comes with being a female and having to deal with there being a restricting dress
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