Gender Discrimination : A Feminist Heroine

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Gender Discrimination

Gender inequality continues to be a constant battleground in many societies today. Humanity requires both genders, we are both equal and need each other. Yet women are being constantly being looked down up and treated far less than what they deserve. Discrimination is something many women face and we have all grown accustomed to it and that is where the problem lies. Women do not have equal right in their roles in society and it’s high time that we eliminate discrimination against women. In Euripides play Medea , he challenges the most influential views of femininity in the predominately male governed society during the Ancient Greek era. During this time period women had very few rights and the men were the most dominant. Women were considered to be very weak and passive yet there was supposed to be dutiful wives. Medea actions certainly make her a feminist heroine. She was able to break free and disregard the stereotypes and characteristic of the patriarchal society in Ancient Greece.
Women were very unfortunate during the ancient Greek time period and faced many hardship ships due to the gender gap. Medea states “Of all things which are living and can form a judgment / we women are the most unfortunate creatures” (Euripides 8). This statement is very accurate women have more of a complicated life and face many more hardships that men will ever face. Even though, so many decades have passed women continue to face discrimination in today’s
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