Gender : Gender And Gender

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Through our socializations with gendered institutions such as family and friends we learn gender-appropriate behavior and develop our ideas and beliefs of what appropriate feminine and masculine gender roles are and form our gender identity. Gendered institutions are reinforced by a gender belief system, which are the feminine and masculine traits characteristics that are considered to be socially acceptable. Gender roles are the “attitudes, behavior, and activities that are socially defined as appropriate for each sex” (Kendall, 2015, p.321), whereas gender identity is how we perceive ourselves to be male or female, and is an important aspect our our self-concept. Beginning at birth, social institutions begin gender reinforcement based on biological sex, built on the accepted norms of the society and culture. Throughout society, gender is one of the major ways that society is organized. The social construct of gender is ingrained in society and reinforced through social institutions.
Growing up I was raised single-handedly by my grandmother. For a long period of time she was my sole source on what was acceptable and unacceptable behavior as a female. The majority of my beliefs and attitudes on my gender stem from her. “As predicted by cognitive social learning theory, parental characteristics influence gender typing in terms of the role models that are available for the child to imitate” (Hetherington, 1976). Because I was the last child she would raise after already

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