Gender Inequality

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The United States is constantly facing inequality issues in gender, race, education and social class. Overall, inequality has increased substantially, with the overall level approaching the Great Depression. (Inequality). Any person with less than a college degree has a significant lower median wage than someone that has a college degree. Additionally, a female does not have as high of a wage as a male worker has. Unfortunately, in society today, these inequality problems have grown worse and worse because the use of technology. Technology is becoming more involved in a person’s life everyday. Current increased use of technology has led to more inequality among society. Technology is making it harder for people in the lower class to find a job that is paying enough for food and living costs. Some people in the lower class will take a very easy job that requires no skill because it is the only thing that they can find. Unfortunately, technology is starting to and will continue to take over the basic jobs. Fewer jobs require someone to physically be working, which only is allowing jobs available for, “talented individuals…” (Schmidt & Cohen 225), and not everyone is going to be talented, especially those in the lower class because they might not have had as much opportunity in their prior lifetime. Similarly, people that already have well paying jobs are losing business because technology is making it possible to receive the same information, but in an easier way. News

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