Gender Marginalization

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UNIT 3 Structure 3.1 Introduction MARGINALIZATION 3.2 The Meaning and Nature of Marginalization 3.3 The Types of Marginalization 3.4 The Causes of Marginalization 3.5 The Levels of Marginalization 3.6 Marginalized Groups 3.7 Let Us Sum Up 3.8 References and Selectedaeadings 3.9 Check Your Progress - Possible Answers 3.1 INTRODUCTION Marginality is an experience that affects millions of people throughout the world. People who are marginalized have relatively little control over their lives, and the resources available to them. This results in making them handicapped in delving contribution to society. A vicious circle is set up whereby their lack of positive and supportive relationships means that they are prevented from participating in…show more content…
Individuals or groups might enjoy high social status at some point of time, but as social change takes place, they may lose this status and become Marginalization Thus, margmlkation is a complex as well as shifting phenomenon linked to social status. Nature of marginalization Margxdization is a multidimensional, multicausal, historical phenomenon. There are no general laws to understand and comprehend the complex nature of marginalization. The analytical tools that can be used in most cases include class, in relation to specific social, cultural, economic and political conditions, as well as ideological systems, social awareness, and human action. The nature of Development Imperatives marginalization varies in different settings. For example, the marginalization of women in Iraq is not the same as in India, though they broadly share some fea-s. The religious, ideological system, patriarchy, political economy of a country, and the overall social system have an impact on the marginalization of specific groups or an individual. The nature of marginalization also varies in relation to elderly people living in different countries and cultures. In some societies, the elderly are given more respect compared to other and, hence, are subject to less marginalization. The strong and
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