Gender Roles And The American Academe Rhetorical Analysis

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In the article Gender Roles and the American academe, is about the intersection between the structure of the American academic environment and women’s blended identities as student mothers. It focuses on women that spend a good amount of time, energy, and money into raising their children. Being a mother is a natural goal in a women’s life, and women have the qualities to be the caregivers as well. Both words caregiver and mother represent what they are in a child’s life. It is an identity fulfilled by a female identity. Once a woman is a mother, she is bound to the child and puts the needs of her child before her own. The cultural aspects about motherhood affects the women’s status with the paid labor force. This is the commitment of work and family that women experience in the world through different experiences.
Simone de Beauvoir relates back to this saying that only women who is well balanced, healthy and aware of her responsibilities is capable of being a “good” mother. The nature around being a woman can never dictate a moral choice preconception. This means that the maternity of a woman is enough in most cases to crown a woman’s life. The child is sure to be happy being in the mother’s arms. Basically, what Simone de Beauvoir is trying to tell us is that being a mother and a woman influences us. A woman is a housekeeper, wife, mother, unique and discriminated. “One is not born a woman, one becomes a woman” means that being a woman is an act, not a state. Women make

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