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CORPORATE STRATEGY GENERAL ELECTRIC STREAM 1 – COURSE WORK GROUP -­‐ 11 AHMED AHMED ETTEFAGH TAHSIN MASHAT MOAZ QING SHAN ZHENG DANYI UNIVERSITÁ DELLA SVIZZERA ITALIANA, LUGANO – CORPORATE STRATEGY 2012/2013 Corporate strategy Table of Content 1. Introduction to the General Electric Company 2. History 3. Key Issues 4. Analysis 4.1 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis 4.2 Internal Analysis “Organizational Structure” 4.3 SWOT Analysis 4.4 Competitive Advantage 4.5 Blue Ocean Analysis 4.6 Value Chain Analysis 4.7…show more content…
In 1911 General Electric absorbed the National Electric Lamp Association (NELA) into its lighting business. GE established its lighting division headquarters at Nela Park in East Cleveland, Ohio. Nela Park is still the headquarters for GE's lighting business. 2.3 RCA The Radio Corporation of America (RCA) was founded by GE in 1919 to further international radio. GE used RCA as its retail arm for radio sales from 1919, when GE began production, until separation in 1930.[13] RCA would quickly grow into an industrial giant of its own. 2.4 Power generation GE's long history of working with turbines in the power-generation field gave them the engineering know-how to move into the new field of aircraft turbosuperchargers. Led by Sanford Alexander Moss, GE introduced the first superchargers during World War I, and continued to develop them during the Interwar period. Superchargers became indispensable in the years immediately prior to World War II, and GE was the world leader in exhaust-driven supercharging when the war started. This experience, in turn, made GE a natural selection to develop the Whittle W.1 jet engine that was demonstrated in the United States in 1941. Although their early work with Whittle's designs was later handed to Allison Engine Company, GE Aviationemerged as one of the world's largest engine manufacturers, second only to the well-founded and

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