Genetically And Genetically Modified Foods

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Have you ever been sitting at home enjoying a huge cup of fruits or vegetables and think to yourself that you’re eating habits are healthy? You may be wrong, not knowing where your food comes can come with a big health hazard, yes even with fruits and vegetables. The reasoning for this is the upcoming biotechnology of Genetically Modified Foods. These modified foods are supposed to help with the up and coming population that should rise by 10 billion in 2050.Plus with all the technology coming in, it makes it easier for farmers to do their harvest a lot quicker, which means they have more time for family. Although many people believe the Genetically Modified Foods will be the future, Genetically Modified foods should be closely watched by the government and should be evaluated thoroughly before it is put on the market, Genetically Modified Foods have been tested individually and evidence shows health risks, the number of risk it brings to our environment and ecosystem is not worth with progressing, Genetically Modified foods don’t label their products which gives great superstitions to people on why Genetically Modified Food corporation are trying too hard to keep these labels off. Genetically Modified Foods goes back to the Sumerians and Babylonians days, but the first real product to be put on the market was in 1994, when the first postponed ripening tomato was marketed by calgene. Genetically Modified Foods are pretty much organism that have been altered through its
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