Genuine Teen Love

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There are many things in this world that don 't seem believable. One of them, is the number of cynical people who don 't believe in something that is so precious, but also crucial in * survival, the inner core to the circle of life. Love! Especially teen love, or some people may know it as, love at first sight. Love is everywhere. Love is all around *. Love occurs every moment each day. Everywhere * in movies, in books, there is love. Love is always there, hidden beneath the words * read and the footage * seen. Love, especially teen love should be considered the most genuine type of love out there, not some profoundly tender, passionate affection to be abused * or ignored. Take the time to think of it – love starts when people are at…show more content…
* By abandoning our family and friends, and detaching ourself from everyone who loves us to be with the one in our heart it completely becomes worthwhile in the end. Eventually, our main priority will be giving up life for them and be infinitely in love within two months. Teen love, is definitely the most crucial type of love out there. Then there is the only work of Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, that should be mostly read in class. It is the greatest love story of all time. Love at first sight, losing * virginity at the age of 12 or 13, and dying for each other. Obviously the most romantic love story for young kids to read, especially for teens. * Who cares about the values of life and the respect * one has for themselves * unless it 's your boyfriend who spends two whole months giving you the attention you need. Coincidence that the affection of Romeo and Juliet, and Bella and Edward have for each other began when they were teenagers? This goes to show how teen love is the most genuine, most true, and pure of any kind of love out there. Also in class, let 's just watch old animated Disney movies, like Cinderella. She fell in love with a man after one romantic night of dancing and music, and then was betrothed to him the very next day. This man just happened to be Prince Charming. Coincidence? Prince Charming and Cinderella were devoted to each other by first sight and were teenagers already planning to be hitched and married. This is a perfect example of teen
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