George Consumer Behavior

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George works at a computer store that sells software and it’s his job to sell enough programs to meet his quota for the month. However, he’s in jeopardy of not meeting quota for this month unless he misleads a naïve customer into buying an expensive program that doesn’t adequately meet the customer’s needs. George depends on this job as a source of income to take care of himself and the company he works for. However, this is no excuse for taking advantage of a customer that doesn’t fully understand what he’s investing in. In our example George sells the customer a product knowing it doesn’t meet the customers’ expectations but can be returned. Personally, I don’t agree with George’s decision. George not only broke the first rough rule of …show more content…

Instead of undermining the customer he could have explained why the program might not work for him and try to find a fair deal. If George had done this he wouldn’t have broken the first rough rule of business and he wouldn’t have undermined the companies values or his own. George undermined the companies and his own values when he intentionally sells a customer a product knowing it’s not in the best interest of the company or the customer. George needs to meet his quota but doesn’t address this until it’s too late to reach it ethically. Baring nothing happened outside of his control George could have paid more attention to his sales and not dug himself a hole. George could have avoided this situation entirely but instead takes advantage of the customers initial trust. The customer initially trusts that as an employee George is going to give him the best deal possible. Instead George sells him an inadequate product which ruins the trust of the company and customer. After having to return the product the customer he won’t have a reason to trust the company, so there’s no reason to buy from them again. This negatively affects company sales and creates distrust between employer and employee. George acknowledges that he will have to sell more software next month to make up for the return but if he can’t reach his quota now it’s

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