George Washington's Achievements

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George Washington Previously To His Presidential Years
Do you ever wonder what George Washington’s life was like before he became the first president of the United States? George Washington was born on February 22, 1732, in Westlandmore Virginia. George Washington did not always want to become a Commander in Chief. George Washington became Commander in Chief on June 19, 1775, because the governor thought he had great fighting techniques. After his success as Commander in Chief, he became the president because the people believed in him and thought he had extraordinary leadership. George Washington once said, "To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace" (“United States Military Quotes”). George Washington was
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The states and the people believed him and fight for him so he will have a reason to fight. A source says, “At twenty-two he became Virginia’s most celebrated hero. Although often envisioned by moderns as a stuffy old man with ill-fitting false teeth, he was among the most precocious of all great Americans” (Flexner 33). George Washington was able to use his skills in direction to win the Revolutionary War. A source says, “Washington made the American Revolution successful not only by his personal military triumphs, but also by his skill in directing other operations” (“George Washington”). George Washington leads his troops through harsh, cold winters and was able to make sure they did not give up. Another source says, “Congress was unable to provide help despite Washington’s pleas in this darkest period of the Revolutionary War. Yet the troops did not lose their courage or morale” (Hollar 43). George Washington became a war hero from other people trusting him, but he had his own support system from his own…show more content…
George Washington and his wife, Martha Washington, took care of sick or poor relatives. Another source says, “Relations of both Martha’s and George’s stayed for months or years because it was convenient, because they were sick or poor” (Flexner 207). George brought his wife to the army’s headquarters, and she brought joy to the general, so she kept going back every year. Someone from another source says, “Martha’s appearance provided the general with one of the few bright moments in his hurried life, and her visit that first year of his military campaign began a tradition that she maintained for the duration of the war” (Crutchfield 85). George Washington did not want to be a commander instead he wanted to stay with his wife at home. One source corresponds with this by saying, “Almost apologetically, he told her that he had ‘used every endeavor in my power to avoid [it]’ and that he had much rather spend his future with her than with the army” (Crutchfield 75). George Washington was a caring family man, even though he was not with them for extended periods of time.
Even though George Washington was a good president, he had to have a great past in order to become a good president. George Washington could not have become an astounding president, without being able to get there from somewhere else. The people who look up to George Washington, would want to know, who he was before he
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