Essay on Geriatric Project

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Geriatric Project Patient L.G. is a 92 year old black female, born and raised in Augusta GA. L.G. is the oldest of 6 children and has an 8th grade education. She had to leave school at an early age to help her parents who were “Field Hands” with her young siblings. L.G. spent most of her youth picking cotton alongside her parents and tending to her younger brothers and sisters and was unable to complete her education. L.G. was a very quick learner and very good with her hands. She always envisioned she would become a teacher but her interest in a career never materialized. L.G.’s dream only progressed to the point of teaching her parents what she learned while in school for such a short time. L.G. followed in her mother’s…show more content…
and her husband, her niece was offered a really great paying job in Florida. Being the only living relative of L.G., the niece informed them both for the news on relocating. L.G. was extremely upset about the news because she lived her whole life in Georgia and was scared of the thought of moving. Her niece reassured L.G. and her husband that things would be better in Florida because it was a retirement state and had much better weather. With many reservations and a lot of hesitation, the move to Florida was now a reality. The move to Florida was smooth, after two months of moving, packing and unpacking L.G. was all settled into Florida until she slipped in the bathtub and fractured her hip. This fracture placed her in the hospital for a month then on to a nursing home for intensive therapy. L.G.’s husband and niece stayed with her as much as she could while she was in the hospital and visited L.G. three times a week while she was in the nursing home. L.G. started to venture down the path of depression however intense counseling and becoming involved in numerous social groups at the nursing home began having a positive impact on L.G. After two months of therapy L.G. was discharged home. Settling into their new home in Florida, L.G. and her husband were afraid to meet people and became recluse. Her niece tried to get them to socialize with people their own age but she found this very difficult. L.G.’s condition quickly
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