Getting To Know The Organisational Culture And Processes

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Getting to know the organisational culture and processes will help with communications between stockholders, positive relationships between project staff and stakeholders is vital, this will increase communication and information flow during the project.
Some organisations have strict rules and procedures to stop information falling into the wrong hands. So it’s important that these rule are understood and formally communicated among the project staff, for examples drawings’ or documents or new ideas that the project is going to create that can be stolen or counterfeited by a competing organisation. This must be planned at the opening stages of the project, that includes how this sensitive information is communicated and who needs to give …show more content…

Without this chain the project will suffer. The project manager spends 90% of their time communicating, so it needs to planned from the beginning of the project.
Technology can help relay information between stakeholders and project staff, it will automatically inform the sender when the message has been read. there many forms of technology relay communications.
Technology for managing projects is a must have in this day and age. It will add portability and agility for creating information and communicating the information. It will also track various different channel of communications in real time, example actual information for communicating the schedule or costs reports and issues. online tools such as, it will enable planning and task management and communications to be created remotely or off site.
Another form of online communication that nearly everyone has access to is it enables meeting to tack place form your laptop, computer or phone, however it can create easy confusion so I don’t recommend this option if the communication is highly complicated for example technical drawing or documents, or if it is a critical communication that needs to be formally addressed and understood, to ensure total agreements. These communications need to be in writing and or face to face meetings.
Another channel for communications is mobile phones, having a device on you at all

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