Getting the Contract: Process of Pre-Negotiation

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Running Head: GETTING THE CONTRACT Getting the Contract BUS 401 Assignment 01 March 2013 Scenario A CEO/owner of a large business that starts from the concept phase into the full production is ready to expand his business by competing for government contracts. The report presents the strategies that the CEO will employ to win a contract from the government. However, the paper presents pre-negotiation process to enhance the greater understanding of its importance to the company. Process of Pre-negotiation and Its Importance to the Company Negotiation is the process by which parties attempt to reach accord that specifies the method they will act towards one another. However, a pre-negotiation process is part of the important process that a company should undertake to win a government contract. To obtain the best terms from the negotiation table, it is critical do a pre-negotiation planning process. There are four phases in the pre-negotiation planning process and they are as follows: Intelligence Gathering: The first process in the pre-negotiation process is to collect as much information as possible about the government party. The information gathering activities is to collect primary and secondary data on the government and other process is to: Collect internal source data on the government; Review the previous strategies employ by the government on similar contract. The importance of information gathering is to obtain the accurate picture of the other
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