Global And Local Production And Quality Control Processes

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Bachelor of Fashion
BUSS204 Managing Production Flow
Investigating Global and Local Production and Quality Control Processes
18 April 2017
By Chloe Ansell – 1500770

This essay will investigate the standard production development processes within the fashion industry and it will also focus on the importance of quality control standards inside these processes. It will moreover discuss supply chain within various market sectors in the fashion industry. Many fashion companies apply the same production development processes local and global and this essay will identify the similarities and differences of each of these stages within the fashion industry.

Production development processes is a “structure of outlined stages, tasks and
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Production processes also requires a manufacture, local or global and there are different advantages of global or local manufacturing. Within local manufacturers “there is more control over quality issues and you can visit your manufacture more often. Shorter construction times with less expensive transport” (, 2017). However, the benefits of global manufacturing are the “exceedingly advance skills and inexpensive cost of the labor force” (Glock and Kunz, 1995). With the labor the costs include “bundling, sewing, pressing, trimming and inspections. Production manages observe every aspect to decrease the costs with that saves money and increase income” (O 'Leary and Livett, n.d.).

Thru manufacturing comes the quality control standards, quality control is “the degree of excellence and that level of quality creates its equal of reliability in the product” (Lifetime Reliability Solutions | World Class Asset Reliability, 2017). Managing the production flow of the quality control processes are exceedingly important with the stages being fit, specification sheet, technical pack and sampling processes. Quality must have the suitability for use
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