Marketing Analysis : Gildan Activewear

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Gildan Activewear is a manufacture and marketer of branded clothing with their headquarters located in Montreal, Québec. They were founded in 1984 but have become one of the most well known t-shirt manufactures in the world, with revenue reaching $1.95 billion in 2012. Along with their t-shirts, they also make socks and underwear, and have licensing agreements with Under Armor and New balance. The have an extensive quality management process to make sure that only quality products reach their customers. This paper will focus on their quality management processes at the national distribution center in Eden, North Carolina, which is the last stop before the product reaches the retailers. Nick Freitag, who is the current vice president of distribution, and also is the manager of the National Distribution Center, gave all the information for this paper to me. Before his current position, Nick was the director of distribution at Gildan from 2008 to January 2013. He also spent eight years as the vice president of distribution at Russell Corporation.
Gildan’s quality mission is “We strive to be the industry leader by providing the highest quality branded manufactured products at the lowest cost for our customer’s satisfaction on a global basis.” One way they are able to reach this goal is to have finished product audits at the national distribution center (NDC). Once a container reaches the NDC from one of the manufacturing plants, an auditor will select a sample size from the

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