Global Competition Is Transforming The Human Resources

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Global competition is transforming the Human Resources (HR) profession: efficient administrators and organisational professions are now required to take on new functions as strategic partners within corporate management. As strategic partners, HR professionals are now becoming increasingly involved in corporate decision-making and bring their workforce expertise to develop corporate strategy in a way that will maximise the best human resources available (Fitzpatrick 2000; Guthridge et al. 2008; Lawler and Boudreau 2009). This is where the transformed role of the HR professional becomes vital. Businesses are in increasingly intense competition with each other to acquire and retain the best talent. In such a marketplace, the strategic function of HR managers will be to maximize the effectiveness of the workforce. Thus the function of the HR manager will be as a strategic partner with the role of finding efficiencies and enhancing the corporation’s core competencies by developing a strategy to find and retain the right talent for the strategic goals of the company.
This transformation of the HR profession is occurring to both its function within a corporation (HR is assuming a more managerial and decision making function) as well as a change to its areas of expertise to reflect its new function as part of upper management (HR professionals are gaining expertise in corporate efficiency). This new managerial function will require that HR professionals acquire a new set of…
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