Global Entrepreneurship Monitor ( Gem )

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Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), which provides an annual assessment of the national level of entrepreneurial activity (including research data from over sixty-nine countries), posits that one-third of the differences in economic growth among nations may be due to differences in entrepreneurial activity. Governmental units, society, and educational institutions worldwide have documented that the individual entrepreneur is critical in the development of new business ventures (Hisrich, Langan-Fox & Grant 2007). In contemporary times, uncertainty about economic stability is rising. As a result, students are “now faced with a wider variety of employment options, the probability of ending up with a diversity of jobs, more responsibility at work and more stress” (Henry, Hill & Leitch 2005) making entrepreneurship a more appealing options for future graduates. Entrepreneurship skills provide students with more flexibility in their career. They know that starting their own business at any point in their life is still an option due to economic crisis, downsizing or other events. This is also confirmed by the literature on Youth Entrepreneurship, to which Student Entrepreneurship belongs. As Henderson and Robertson put it, “young people are likely to experience a portfolio career consisting of periods of paid employment, non-work, and self-employment (2000). Additionally, according to the latest report from the Kauffman Foundation (2013) it is a global phenomenon: “Among young
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