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Walmart’s offers an array of products and services throughout Walmart Stores, Walmart Super Centers and Sam Clubs. The products obtainable from Walmart or Sam can range from movies, books, electronics, jewelry, music, toys, baby necessities, sports, home, garden, patio, clothing, “vision” center, “photo” center, wireless service, auto service and pharmacy to name a few. You can find grocery items in the Walmart Supercenter. When we enter Walmart, we see a variety of items on the shelves, but do you know how they get there. Logistics of the supply chain helps with this part of the business. Walmart moves millions of products from the manufacturers, suppliers and distribution centers to its store’s shelves. For a company like Walmart,…show more content…
Cross-docking made the relationship among the consumers and the suppliers effective. “Walmart began using the internet in June 1996” making it easy and user friendly for anyone who needs to locate information pertaining to its store from hours of operation to rather they carry a certain item or product. In the beginning the internet came into existence so that Walmart could keep up with its then competition coming from Amazon, Target and Toys-R-US. Yet today, Walmart is still in the position of control over the suppliers and is able to say with who and how business is handled. Unfortunately, the small retailers are beginning to feel threatened because of Walmart’s expansion into areas that have not been previously occupied. Walmart offers financial services which ranges from credit cards, money transfers, money orders, express bill pay, money card, bill payment, check cashing and Bluebird. As late as January 2015 Walmart introduced in-store tax service. In other words, “Walmart has introduced a service that allows customers to get their tax refund in cash in one of its stores, a move aimed at serving the “underbanked” and reverse declining traffic.” The retailer provided customers the opportunity “to cash out their tax refunds and receive up to $7,500 in cash at about 3,000” Walmart utilizing a service known as “Direct2Cash.” “ Its latest move to broaden the financial services offers to
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