Globalization And Its Effects On Society Essay

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In modern societies, globalisation has become an issue having various impacts on many nations around the world. The issue can be described as “a process in which physical, political, economic, and cultural barriers separating different regions of the world are reduced or removed, thereby stimulating exchanges in goods, services, money, and people.” (Hamilton & Webster, 2015, p.5). On the one hand, globalisation has numerous good effects on the development of countries, such as diminishing trade barriers, obtaining more international investment, enhancing economic conditions of countries. (Mehlika, 2015, p.5). Nonetheless, there are still some bad outcomes of globalisation negatively affecting the power of nation states with respect to politics, economy, and society. The author strongly agrees that globalisation has frustrated the power of nations for three main reasons.

Firstly, politics of countries have been affected by the expansion of globalisation during the 21st century. It is clear to see that globalisation is likely to decline the significance of nation states. In particular, the appearance of many international organisations, including WTO, European Union, and ASEAN, have diminished functions and the sovereignty of nation states, so as to facilitate various international agreements. (Mehlika, 2015, p.8). For example, Turkey is a member of the EU and this has negatively affected the democracy of the nation. Turkey had to change some of their policies to follow

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