Going To Invitationals Essay

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In track my junior year I wanted the great opportunity of going to invitationals, and even regionals. Then my coach took away that opportunity from me, by choosing my other teammates over me to go. I think my coach did this because he saw no potential in me as he did the others. I know I should’ve fought against his decisions, but instead I just kept quiet during the year because I didn’t want any problems. The situation never did improve as the season went on. Since I made the decision to keep quiet about it. Afterwards I actually improved myself, and found a better coach to help me for next season. When track season started my junior year we got ourselves an actually jump coach. It was exciting at first because he was teaching us new techniques, and encouraging us more than the last coach. Then once the season officially started he gradually changed. I started to noticed that he would separate our groups, and only actually coach the ones that seem like they have some sort of natural talent for it. I decided to ignore the fact because I know that he was preparing some of us to compete in invitationals that are more important to win than regular track …show more content…

I was the best triple jumper in that year of track, but yet he still rejected the idea of coaching me. I never was disrespectful to my coaches, and was eager to learn new techniques. I made the decision to not change his mind because it’s his own decision. I also know that once a coach places a athlete in an event there’s no way to scratch them out, and put in someone else. I could have done something to make him change his mind and coach me better, but later something better came up. Another trainer that was actually watching me at the track meets wanted to train me over the break, and improve my abilities. I was overly thrilled that all my negative emotions about track just faded

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