Good Germs, Bad Germs

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Many books that can be read will captivate you, can give you another world to live in, can sweep you off of your feet and never set you back down again. Rarely can a book alter your view so entirely about the world you live in, just by giving you more information about what exactly your world is made up of. The book Good Germs, Bad Germs did this for me. Each chapter strategically broke down the history of microbes and bacteria and how they have been perceived (or not perceived) throughout history. Each expanding step lists the theories that were building blocks for the future of the study of microbes. From Nurse Nightingale, Colonel George Waring, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek and Bonnie Bassler there were medical advances that helped the field of medicine greatly. Even groups who did not believe in the germs made large steps to clean up the population. Each person mentioned in the book had some sort of contribution to the start of fighting against bacteria and viruses, with Nurse Nightingale disinfecting the work area, Waring started cleaning up the streets and created the way to keep sewage separate from the drinking water and Leeuwenhoek who identified bacteria in the first place. This entire book gives as much information as possible without the reader needing a medical degree. It gave an in depth look at the formation and the ability of bacteria to live within the body and outside the body and how the body actually collects the bacteria. From attaining bacteria from the

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