Good Timing Is A Team

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Discuss what you are learning from a team that you are currently leading, or to which you belong Leading a team is not based on the leader but also the team members, every team member has a role to play and every team member brings something to the table. In a team one thing that someone learns is that setting goals is an important aspect, goals and deadlines are important factors that have to be set before any projects are started. Discipline of every team member is what will determine the success of a team; discipline involves setting timelines and ensuring they are achieved. Involving every member is important in order to ensure that the team is working towards the vision of the team and no one is lagging behind. Good timing is a plus in leadership, timing is an important factor in team leadership, and it assures leadership helps a team rather than distracts members. Good timing means taking action to assist a team when the team is ready to receive and use the help that it is being offered. Bad timing is something many people suffer from but they do not understand the intensity of bad timing, it involves failing to act when one is required to assist effectively. Timing is divided into two categories and the first category is based on getting ready for circumstances that are predictable. Connie Gersick says that in this timing, groups develop distinctive approaches towards tasks as soon as it is started hold on to the approach until halfway before the deadline and then
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