Goodbye to Happy Hour

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Analysis of the Case
The Division of Environmental Assessments is now a very important governmental unit, because its mandate has been switched from environmental impact assessment to assessment of environmental plans of oil and gas developments. Based on the importance of oil and gas, this division is clearly under pressure to meet demands and expectations of clients. For this reason, the leadership as well as team members working with the division must employ new strategies that not only increase their efficiency, but also encourage them to work together as a team. This paper analyses some of the problems facing the Division of Environmental Assessments, as well as some solutions aimed at improving employee experience.
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Currently, there are three vacant posts in the division – that of a top engineer, junior engineer and intermediate technologist. This means that the remaining staff has to take on more work for the division to keep up with its responsibilities. They are being forced to work long hours, which is apparently interfering with their personal lives. For instance, Bob is unable to spend as much time as he would like with his family, whereas Ryan is unable to enjoy his time with friends at a local club after work. On top of this, the management wants them to work even harder by requesting them to take on more projects. In the end, the staff is not only feeling over-used, but also under-appreciated. The circumstances are even affecting the quality of work that employees are willing to do out of their own volition. The other crucial problem affecting the organization is poor leadership. Even though, Jane is qualified and self-driven, her approach in managing the team at the Division of Environmental Assessments is lacking effectiveness. For instance, she is making decisions all by herself instead of discussing some issues with the employees in order to understand their perspective. Such management approaches do not reflect teamwork, and they are evidently receiving mixed reactions from the entire team. The other example is when Jane pushes her team to work hard on new projects, but present their ideas to the Director as her own. This makes it look like

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