Google Case Study Essay

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March 21, 2012
Google is well known to everyone. No matter if you are young or not so young, computer savvy or not, Google’s name will undoubtedly pop up in when discussing computers. Google continues to grow swiftly every day. It began in 1996 with the meeting of Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford. Larry, who was 22 at the time had graduated from University of Michigan and was considering attending Stanford. Sergey, who was 21, was assigned the task of showing Larry around and although it has been said that they failed to agree on most everything they became firm friends.
Larry and Sergey who were both computer science grad students found they had much in common and started developing a search engine named …show more content…

The MentalPlex program was announced in 2000, and was publicized to posess mind reading ability as you pictured your desired search results. Google became the largest search engine in the world in 2000 and joined with Yahoo to become their search provider. They supported searches in fifteen languages as of September 2000 and released the Google toolbar in December of 2000. Google has been steadily growing and is considered the best and biggest search engine for finding information on the web.
Google's strategic acquisitions led to new advertising opportunities through internet applications. Google maps which was introduced in 2004, was followed by Google Earth in 2005. Satellite images of anywhere in the world could now be viewed on line. Street view images, taken by Google travelling cameras were added as an enhancement to Google Earth in 2007. An Earth view capability was added in 2010 to allow viewing of 3D images at ground level.
As of September 2009, Google was listed as the most visited website on the internet. Google Mobile phone applications, YouTube, G-mail, Google Docs office suite, Picassa photo organizing applications, as well as the Google social networking service all contribute to Google’s popularity.
The evolution of Google’s business model increased revenue by expanding advertising using the keyword search. Sponsor ads were targeted to certain users based on their browsing history. Annual revenues

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