Google's Business Analysis

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Google business analysis
Segments of the general environment that have most influence
Technological environment Regular advances that happen in technology are deemed to have the largest influence on Google. This is because they affect how consumers interact with the company's products and services since they increase the number of internet users globally and increase competition. Google's products have been experiencing increased competition with services such as Baidu and Bing which have hit the market and stolen significant market share from Google. Google has struggled hard to keep the company afloat with competition from other companies such as Facebook, Samsung and Apple. For example the company had to retire its Google Buzz social networking platform and Google+ which is the newest social networking platform is still has underwhelming numbers. Google's Nexus tablets have also been a huge flop with consumers preferring to work with Samsung and Apple products which they find friendlier. Google has also spent a huge sum of money in product research and development in the hope of developing highly innovative products. This has paid of largely since their search engine is the most used in the whole world alongside other products such as mail and the android operating system. Though these have faced stif and increasing competition, research and development has helped Google to sustain its business and grow over the years.
Social factors The second most influential
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