Government Policies Should Not Be For The Well Being Of The People That Government Serves Essay

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Government policies are supposed to be for the well-being of the people that government serves. The problem is that not all of the people agree that one policy or another is in their best interest; therefore, it can appear that the government is forcing policies on them. The policy making process is very much like a double-edged sword for the government. What may be good for the many will often times not be good for the few, or the one. Even though government is created by the people, it is run by elected officials who won their positions by the majority vote; meaning the minority group often does not benefit. Whether government policies are good or bad for the whole will greatly depend on who is the driving force, the Executive, behind the policies. Mr. Roosevelt stated that Thomas Jefferson believed that government should not interfere with the individual and his inherent rights, but is supposed to protect those rights. However, Jefferson also believed that interference is inevitable because in the attempt to protect the individual rights, the government will, in one way or another, affect those rights. Government cannot possibly protect the rights of all the people even though that is the purpose of government. The results of government policies, good or bad, may not be immediately realized by the populace. It could take years before the outcomes are known, yet some results are realized right away. With each election new faces are added and those faces can make the

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