Government and Industry were Fully Established in the 19th Century of America

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The 19th century in America was a period of development. Now that the federal government had been fully established, the United States was settling into the new nation and embark on the journey of becoming a world power. To do so, the republic must construct a thriving industry, or the economy would crash and the nation would become impoverished. However, the industry was not easy to build up. It required careful nurturing and a watchful guide so that it would become the industry in the current United States. Who would cultivate the industry? Rather than a single body or entity, numerous factors resulted in the growth of industry. In the 19th century, the growth of an industry can be attributed to the availability of financing spurred by protective tariffs, the Bank of the United States, a wealth of laborers, and economic expansion. The central government became instrumental in the industry’s success by passing tariffs, and in doing so, protecting American businesses. Tariffs were taxes that were passed on goods imported from outside the country. After the War of 1812, “even the most stalwart Democratic-Republicans [realized] that the United States needed to attain economic independence” (Tariff of 1816). This would become a huge danger to the nation’s welfare if they ever went to war with Britain again, which was the source of their manufactured goods. Consequentially, in 1816, the first tariff that would protect American businesses was passed, in hopes of creating an

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